Pre-Conference Workshops

Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Workshop

The Neurorehabilitation Workshop will be led by Dr Isabelle Amado. Dr Amado is psychiatrist and hospital practitioner in psychiatry at Saint-Anne hospital (Paris). She has conducted many years of research in cognitive functions in psychiatry, particularly in schizophrenia. She has been working on cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) since 2006, and has looked into implementing CRT in France and French-speaking countries. She conducts treatment, coordination and research activities focusing on cognitive remediation and innovative programs, which are being designed in this field.

This workshop will cover various aspects about neurocognitive rehabilitation, looking into exercises designed to improve memory, language, attention, and other executive functions. Cognitive remediation therapy has practical applications in a spectrum of mental health disorders, and will thus be a very useful modality of treatment for any healthcare professional involved in mental health.

This will be a full-day workshop held on 18 January (Friday). Lunch will be provided. The venue of the workshop will be NUHS Tower Block, Level 12, Rooms T12-03 and T12-04. For more information about how to get to the NUHS Tower Block, please see our FAQs.